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With a wide variety of experience, Renewable Energy Consultant Bob Rice, is ready to work with you on your biomass environmental cost saving longterm solution. See solution options and contact Bob today.


We are capable of satisfying your needs, whether you need a single piece of equipment or a complete Turnkey System.

We offer Consulting, Financing, Engineering, Installation and Service.

We offer the following Hot Water Boilers:

Multi-Fuel – Various Fuels as tested (With self-contained backup Gas Burner)
100,000 BTU // 300,000 BTU // 500,000 BTU // 1,000,000 BTU

We offer the following Hot Water & Steam Boilers:

Multi-Fuel, Moving Grate (All Solid Fuels)
800,000 BTU to 20,000,000 BTU

Our Multi-Fuel, Moving Grate Boilers give businesses the versatility to burn the Solid Fuel that is available at the least cost.

Whether it is Coal, Corn Fodder, Wood Chips, Poultry Litter, Horse Manure, Coconut Shells Flax Shive, Cherry Pits, Rice Hulls, Food Waste, Municipal Waste, Agricultural Waste, Etc. - “We can burn it”.

CHP Systems - We also specialize in high pressure steam-powered turbines to generate electricity, cogenerating heat and electricity.

NOTE: Upon request, REC will quote Fuel Storage & Transfer Systems with each of the above Boilers.

Renewable Energy Consultants
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