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All Natural Highly Concentrated, Sourced in a Sustainable Protocol

VITAL FORCE SOIL ENERGIZER is power packed with the ultimate formulation of ingredients. It is designed to turbocharge any soil situation, resulting in healthy fertile soil and vibrant, productive plants.

Top Dress Nutrients / Eco-Friendly Fertilizer - Achieve the results you want as an amateur, professional or master gardener. If you want to grow like the best, (depending on the application), one of the VITAL FORCE mixtures is the right product for you.

VITAL FORCE is committed to the recycle and reuse of a wide range of naturally sourced ingredients into these and other VITAL FORCE products that would otherwise gone to waste. By using these and other VITAL FORCE products, you are partnering with us to create a greener, more sustainable future for you, your children and all of us.

Vital Force is a line of all-natural products that contain 40% Ecochar, along with other natural, nutritional ingredients, and are formulated to be balanced fertilizers. These formulas are adjusted to provide the proper nutrition levels for different applications. All fertilizers are categorized by NPK content, but Vital Force goes beyond the basics and provides other trace materials essential to plant growth. Each Vital Force product offers a different range of benefits to your soil and plants:

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Soil Energizer - Contains not only the nutrients and minerals required for healthy soil, but also a high microbial content to increase biological activity. In addition, Soil Energizer is used to encapsulate containment metals from the soil. With the most plant growth ingredients, Soil Energizer is is the best way to give your plants an advantage from the start.

Roots 'N' Shoots & More - For use during initial planting, this provides what plants require for rapid growth of stems and roots, resulting in bigger, healthier plants.

Flowers ā€˜Nā€™ Fruits & More - For use when plants are nearing the flowering/fruiting stage, this provides what is needed to produce large, healthy blooms and fruits.

Vital Force / Ecochar Soil Boosters

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