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Gasification is a thermal process, reacting carbon-based fuels in an oxygen starved environment at typical temperature ranges from 1000 to 1500 degrees F.

The syngas produced in the gasifier is then combusted in a thermal oxidizer converting CO to CO2.

The products of gasification is heat, steam, and/or electricity and biochar. A variety of biomass and other fuels may be used.

  • EARTHCARE offers a Gasification Processing System to produce ECOCHAR. Our Gasifier System processes all types of manures, by-products from animal and food processing plants and all types of vegetation such as wood, switch grass, cord fodder, etc. to produce various grades of Biochar (from wood & vegetation by-products) and ECOCHAR (from manure & food by-products). ECOCHAR is the carbon-rich product obtained when biomass is heated in a closed container, in either an oxygen-starved or oxygen-free environment.
  • Gasification produces a material that contains the mineral ash from the feedstock as well as the fixed carbon - which will be in the form of a carbon char. The carbon in this char is transformed into a very absorbent material that has charged particles which attract nutrients and moisture.
  • We include a BIO-FILTER in our Gas Exhaust System that greatly reduces the emissions to a very low PPM and eliminates the odor of any exhaust from the gases.
  • Available on request are Steam Turbine Generator Systems & ORC Hot Water Generator Systems.
  • Biomass materials contain carbon in two forms - fixed carbon and volatile matter. The carbon in the volatile matte is reacted in the process, while the fixed carbon is left behind in the ECOCHAR. Due to the high temperatures and retention time, ECOCHAR is free from pathogens, E-coli, growth hormones, and residues from medications.
  • The resulting product has a multitude of applications due to the characteristics of the carbon along with the nutrients in the char - possible uses include soil amendment, heavy metal remediation, animal feed supplement, water purification, eliminate odor, reduce ammonia & moisture in poultry houses and many others.
  • Purified water and a healthier soil produce healthier plants and healthier nutrition for human consumption. This enhances the health of all human beings as well as all animals and birds.
  • Gasification Produces Heat, Steam, and/or Electricity from a Variety of Biomass and Other Fuels

    Gasifier Layout Earthcare, LLC. addresses waste disposal and facility energy needs, allowing business owners to concentrate on their core business expertise. Earthcare's gasification systems can produce heat, steam and/or electricity as desired, as well as EcoChar (Earthcare's trademarked biochar product), and are designed to fit the host site's needs. Depending on the application, a portion of the thermal energy may also be used to dry moisture-laden products (waste grain vegetable residue, high-moisture manures, etc.), making them easier and less costly to transport or use for fuel. Our gasifiers are extremely versatile, able to operate using a variety of different fuels, while remaining a carbon negative solution for your business.

    Earthcare Projects:
    Georgia Ethanol Plant, MSW Organic Waste
    Cow Manure Management, Ohio
    Swine Manure Project, Netherlands
    Swine & Poultry Manure Project, Indiana

    Earthcare's gasification system is well suited to the following fuels:

  • Forest Management Wastes and Urban Green Waste
  • Crops and Crop Residues - corn stover
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids
  • Municipal Waste, Sorted and Unsorted
  • Wood and Construction Waste
  • Food Processing By-Products
  • Wet and Dried Distiller Grain
  • Poultry, dairy, and hog manure
  • EcoChar's characteristics vary with different fuels. Benefits of EcoChar include:

  • Increased nutrient infiltration, moisture retention, and microbial activity
  • Absorption of nutrients, heavy metals and hydrocarbons using the enormous surface area of EcoChar
  • Absorption of moisture, ammonia, and odors in livestock applications
  • Increased short-term soil organic carbon (1-5 years), as well as long-term soil organic carbon (100s of years)
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