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ECOCHAR is a revolutionary Bio-Char made from a wide range of sustainable recycled Farm Waste Materials, such as Manures of all types, Forages. It is also derived from other sources such as Distiller Grains and By-Products from Animal Processing, Municipal Waste, Mushroom Growers, Nut Shells and Rice Hulls, etc. One big advantage of our ECOCHAR over other types of Bio-Char, like that made of wood is the inherent high nutrient content.

ECOCHAR is applied where needed for specific applications, mainly based on soil samples and plant analyses.

Distributors of ECOCHAR

ECOCHAR is a product of our EARTHCARE Gasification System in which we process manures, bio-solids from water treatment plants, wood waste, forages, animal & food processing plants and other rejected feedstock.
The resulting product has a multitude of applications due to the characteristics of the carbon along with the nutrients in the ECOCHAR

THESE APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: TREATING POLLUTANTS & TOXINS IN SOIL & WATER TO INCLUDE SOIL REMEDIATION, ELIMINATE ODOR, HEAVY METAL REMEDIATION, REDUCE AMMONIA, WATER PURIFICATION Utilizing ECOCHAR leads to a cleaner environment due to the elimination of contamination and acidity in the soil. In applying ECOCHAR for 2 to 3 years, you will realize a substantial reduction, if not total elimination, of the artificial substance that contains the chemical elements that has previously been applied. PURIFIED WATER AND HEALTHIER SOIL PRODUCES HEALTHIER PLANTS AND HEALTHIER NUTRITION FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. THIS ALSO ENHANCES THE HEALTH OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS AS WELL AS ALL ANIMALS AND BIRDS

Natural Char Solutions


The big differences between the two are in the nutrient content and pH.

  • Manure Chars are higher in P & K and low in N, plus they have significant other nutrients like Mg, S, Ca, and micro-nutrients.
  • DDG Char is higher in N, and very low in P & K and has less of the other nutrients
  • Manure Chars have an alkaline pH like all wood based chars, in the 10-11pH range, egg layer manure char can be even more alkaline (good for acid soils)
  • DDG Char is the only biochar I am aware of that is not alkaline, running around a pH of 7.4. (Better for alkaline soils)
  • Both chars have all the beneficial characteristics of biochars you would expect like increased water holding capacity, increased nutrient binding capacity (CEC and AC), increased nutrient use efficiency, providing microbial micro habitats, carbon sequestration, etc.
  • Suggested applications of Vital Force Fertilizer

    When to Apply: Early Stage (In Peat Moss Potting Mix)
    Soil Energizer ..1 lb. / Cubic Yard of Peat Moss
    Roots & Shoots ..1 lb. / Cubic Yard of Peat Moss

    When to Apply: Established Lawn (Spring & Fall)
    Ecochar (Distillers Grain) ..20 lbs. / 1,000 Sq. Ft.
    Notes: Distillers Grain is very low in P & K. If soil test indicates a need for P & K, this need can be met by use of an alternative ECOCHAR such as one of the manure derived ECOCHARS.
    Note: Application rates would depend on the amount of P & K needed and the type of ECOCHAR used.

    GREENHOUSE - Flowering Plants, Watermelon, Herbs, Cucumbers, Cantaloupes, Squash, Etc.
    When to Apply: Early Stage
    Normal Use - Soil Energizer ..1 lb. / Cubic Yard of mix
    Potting Mix - Roots & Shoots ..1 lb. / Cubic Yard of mix
    Ready to Flower Top Dress - Flowers & Fruits ..1 Tablespoon Ready to Flower Transfer Containers - Soil Energizer ..1 Tablespoon

    NATURAL CHAR / ECOCHAR Product Options
    Natural Char Product Options

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