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EcoChar Vital Force Soil Energizer

What is in Vital Force Soil Energizer

Vital Force Soil Energizer is a unique customized blend of 13 separate ingredients each designed to provide distinct functions to take any soil and improve it to another level. These ingredients are designed to improve and promote the biological activity of any soil to a level that optimizes the function and fertility of the soil, which in turn helps ensure that plants grown in that soil have the best opportunity for lush, vibrant, healthy growth and for optimal yields and best quality. Vital Force Soil Energizer is designed to work with whatever soil situation you may encounter, which is why we say: "Ours makes theirs better".

Functions of Vital Force Soil Energizer Ingredients:

1. EcoChar:

The base of Professional Strength Soil Energizer is Eco-Char, a revolutionary Bio-Char made from a wide range of sustainably recycled farm waste materials. In the case of Soil Energizer and other blends, we use employ EcoChar made from dried distiller's grains sourced from a bioethanol plant. BioChar has long been recognized as being able to provide a number of important soil properties and functions necessary for maintain soil health, fertility and function all of which play a big role in helping to ensure proper plant growth and performance. One big advantage of our EcoChar over other types of biochar like that made from wood, is the inherent high nutrient content. Wood biochars tend to be very nutrient limited, and if added to soil without prior nutrient loading, may tie up most of the existing nutrients in soil and prevent them becoming available for plants and the soil biology. EcoChar comes "preloaded" with nutrients, thereby minimizing any potential nutrient tie up. Some recognized benefits of adding biochars such as EcoChar to soil include:

  • Helps improve tilth and reduces soil bulk density
  • Helps increase soil water holding capacity
  • Helps increase cation exchange capacity (CEC - the ability to hold onto and transfer nutrient cations: ammonium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium)
  • Helps increase anion exchange capacity (AEC- the ability to hold onto and transfer nutrient anions: Phosphate, Sulfate, Nitrate)
  • Helps improve fertilizer utilization, by reducing leaching from the root zone
  • Helps retain minerals and nutrients in a plant available form
  • Helps support soil microbial life and biodiversity
  • Helps plants resist stressful conditions
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