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earth icon Soil Boost #1 Starter Kit

1 lb of Energizer
1 lb of Roots 'N' Shoots
1 lb of Flowers™ Fruits
1 lb of Ecochar

Vital Force with ECOCHAR Starter Kit for testing the growth potential of these potent soil enhancers with your plants in your growing environment.

Our soil additives are recommended for Greenhouses, Landscapers, Nurseries, Vegetable Growers, Lawns, Gardeners and any application where improved plant nourishment is needed.

Also consider applications where Odor Elimination, Water Purification, Removal of metal from soil, Ammonia elimination in Poultry Houses & Horse Stalls, Enhanced Bird health and many other environmental and soil / water / animal / human health improvements, are needed.

We offer the ECOCHAR & Vital Force in 1 lb & 4.5 Lb. containers and also bulk bags for truck load shipments ...Please contact Bob Rice for Details.

earth icon Flowers & Fruits & More

For use when plants are nearing the flowering / fruiting stage, this provides what is needed to produce large, healthy blooms and fruits.

For plants not already in flowering phase and is designed to provide a baseline of specialized nutrients required by plants during the transition to the flowering / fruiting stage. Our application charts list the mixture needed at planting / transplanting according to label rates.

Available in 1 or 4.5 lbs Container Sizes

earth icon Soil Energizer

Contains not only the nutrients and minerals required for healthy soil, but also a high microbial content to increase biological activity. In addition, Soil Energizer is used to encapsulate containment metals from the soil. With the most plant growth ingredients, Soil Energizer is is the best way to give your plants an advantage from the start

Available in 4.5 lbs Container Size

Why Use a Product to Energize your Soil

It's something that's happened to even the best gardeners out there. You're at your local nursery/greenhouse and you pick up some nice-looking plants to put in your garden or in some containers for your porch/patio and you drop $40 dollars or more for some bags of commercial potting and/or garden soils. But then when you get home and use that soil, those plants struggle to grow and fail to thrive, or even worse, they just shrivel up and die. You end up thinking that it must have been something you did, and that you must just have a "brown thumb"

Well, maybe it wasn't your fault and that you don't have a "brown thumb". Maybe it was those bags of commercial soil that you used that deserve the blame and not you. We've all been there, big pallets of bags of soil with pretty designs, impressive sounding words and loads of pictures of healthy looking plants. But have you really given consideration to what's actually inside those bags? We know what you're thinking, "Soil is soil, right?" well to be blunt, making a healthy, fertile, productive soil that can grow healthy, productive plants can be quite the undertaking, and sometimes these companies get it right, but many times they don't.

earth icon Roots "N" Shoots & More

For use during initial planting, this provides what plants require for rapid growth of stems and roots, resulting in bigger, healthier plants.

Provides a baseline of specialized nutrients required by plants during the early growth phase prior to the initiation of flowering. This is also for plants that do not produce flowers and/or fruits, such as leafy greens and root vegetables. This grade can continue to be used up to harvest. Our application charts list the mixture needed.

Available in 1 or 4.5 lbs Container Sizes

What is in Vital Force Roots "N" Shoots & More

Roots "N' Shoots & More is a unique customized blend of 12 separate ingredients each designed to provide distinct functions to take any soil and improve it to another level. These ingredients are designed to improve and promote the biological activity of any soil to a level that optimizes the function and fertility of the soil, which in turn helps ensure that plants grown in that soil have the best opportunity for lush, vibrant, healthy growth and for optimal yields and best quality. The complete line of Vital Force products are designed to work with whatever soil situation you may encounter, which is why we say: "Ours makes theirs better". Roots & Shoots is designed to works best when used in conjunction with our Soil Energizer product, but can also function as an excellent stand-alone natural fertilizer. The overall formula of Roots "N" Shoots & More is similar to our Soil Energizer with the exception of not having a microbial component. Roots "N" Shoots & More is designed to reinforce the action of Soil Energizer in providing the same type of complex blend prebiotics to continue feeding the microbial component of the Soil Energizer, extending its soil and plant health promoting effects.

Roots "N" Shoots & More Purpose:

Roots "N" Shoots & More is designed and engineered to provide an enhanced level of nutrients for plant growth and development. Roots "N" Shoots & More is designed to provide a baseline of specialized nutrients required by plants during the early growth phase prior to the initiation of flowering, at which time Flowers "N" Fruits & More should be used. For best results, Roots "N° Shoots & More should be applied alongside Soil Energizer at planting/transplanting according to label rates. Repeat applications can be made every two weeks via top dressing to reinforce Soil Energizer function up until transition to flowering phase. For plants that do not produce flowers and/or fruits such as leafy greens and root vegetables, "Roots and Shoots and More" may continue to be used up to harvest.

earth icon EcoChar Vital Force Soil Energizer

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