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ECOCHAR ..Alternate Replacement for Unsustainable Peat Moss in the Greenhouse Industry

Peat Moss is a major component of potting mix and harvesting of this component is becoming unsustainable. Peat Moss is being removed faster than it can re-form.

ECOCHAR (A Natural Soil Amendment) & VITAL FORCE (A natural Fertilizer containing a mix if ECOCHAR and other ingredients giving it many more microbes than the basic ECOCHAR). Either of these natural additives activate the microbes in the soil, unlike peat moss, which contributes to the releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Most of the peat moss from the potting soil mix is either mineralized by the microbes or thrown out and decomposed.

When organic material decomposes naturally, the process release carbon dioxide. But ECOCHAR decomposes very slowly – potentially on the order of centuries – so when organic material is turned into ECOCHAR, the carbon is essentially sequestered and can`t escape back into the atmosphere.

Use of ECOCHAR to replace peat moss should be seriously considered because it has much higher properties than peat moss and will not only absorb the metals in the soil, but we are testing the probability of encapsulating the phosphorous for a slow measured release back into the soil.

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